D & F Plumbing history Plumbers Portland OR Beaverton Oregon D & F Plumbing originated in 1946 when Frank Schofield and Don Thompson purchased the plumbing company Christie Radford Plumbing. Within six months of this new acquisition, Frank bought out Don to become the sole proprietor of the company. In 1953, Frank hired a young man by the name of Maurice Minor. After a few years of hard work, Maurice knew he wanted to own this business. So, in 1956, Maurice and his partner Jack Cowan purchased D & F Plumbing from Frank and incorporated it shortly thereafter. In the two years that followed the acquisition, the death of co-owner Jack Cowan left Maurice Minor to run the company. While Jack’s wife stayed an active part of the company, working as the secretary /teasurer, her role was minimal. Finally, in 1967, Jack’s wife left D &F Plumbing and the board for the company became the Minor family. D & F Plumbing historical Plumbers Portland OR Beaverton Oregon In 1965, Stanley and Stuart Minor (twin sons of Maurice and his wife, Lillian) began attending an apprenticeship plumbing school while also working at D & F Plumbing. As a result, both sons became journeyman plumbers in 1969.Both Stanley and Stuart continued their work in this family-owned business. With dedication and hard work, Maurice knew the business would be in good hands with the boys, and in 1974 he sold D&F Plumbing to Stanley and Stuart. The brothers ran this successful business for a number of years, building clientele and customer relationships that would prove to last many years to come. Then, in 1984, Stanley and Stuart decided to part ways. As a result, Stanley became the sole proprietor that December. D & F Plumbing history logo Journeyman Plumbers Portland OR Beaverton Oregon Sandi Warren (Stanley Minor’s daughter) joined D&F Plumbing in 1991. As a small girl she had always taken an interest in her father’s business, and taking a job with the company made sense. With the background she already had in place, she took the next steps of learning how to run and manage this plumbing business. After twenty years of hard work and discipline, Stanley decided it was time to pass on the company to his daughter. After 48 years, Stanley was ready to retire, and who better to take ownership of the company than his own daughter. In October of 2010, Sandi partnered with her estimator and licensed journeyman plumber of over 30 years, Vince Brajevich, to become the new owners of D&F Plumbing. Having worked together for over 20 years and working closely the last 5, this business partnership was ideal. Today the two run the business with integrity and efficiency. Sandi handles all of the day-to-day business while Vince has taken on all of the estimating and field management. As a result, D&F Plumbing continues to be a highly successful company throughout the Portland Metro area.