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d and f plumbing residential repair service plumbers journeyman portland or beaverton oregonFor efficient, friendly and competent residential plumbing repairs in the Portland and Beaverton Oregon areas, look no further as D & F Plumbing has licensed journeyman plumbers on staff ready to assist you with your plumbing repair needs.

The licensed journeyman plumbers with D & F Plumbing have extensive experience with all types of residential plumbing repair services and are skilled at identifying the causes of plumbing issues, providing innovative solutions for your plumbing needs.
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Residential Plumbing Repairs include

  • Plumbing fixture repair: Perhaps you have plumbing fixtures that are dripping, leaking, or just simply not working as well as they once were. Whatever the issue, one of our licensed journeyman plumbers will diagnose and repair the fixture, or recommend replacement.
  • Plumbing fixture replacement: If you have a broken plumbing fixture, we can easily replace it with a fixture of your choice.
  • d and f plumbing residential repair plumbers water heater hookup portland or beaverton oregonWater Heaters: If you are encountering issues with your water temperature, you could be in need of water heater maintenance or repair.
  • Leaking pipes: Any type of leak in your pluming system is cause for concern. If you are experiencing leaky pipes, call us immediately to address the issue.
  • Clogged/running toilets: This is one of the most common problems our customers experience. Toilet clogs can often be avoided by flushing less toilet paper down the toilet, but more serious issues can also be present. If a noisy or clogged toilet is causing you problems, let us fix it for you.
  • Plumbing fixture upgrade: If you have been eyeing a new sink, faucet, tub or toilet, D & F Plumbing would be happy to upgrade any plumbing fixture you desire.
  • Plumbing re-piping: If you home is over 30 years old, or you are remodeling, it may be time for a plumbing re-pipe.

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D & F Plumbing is committed to superior quality residential plumbing repairs and services for the Portland and Beaverton Oregon areas. Whatever your residential plumbing problems may be, we will provide you with innovative solutions to solve your particular challenge. Call us now for more information!