Electric Water Heaters

Hot water running from bathtub. D&F Plumbing, Heating and Cooling sells, installs, and repairs electric water heaters in Portland OR and Vancouver WA.

Never have enough hot water to take a relaxing bath? We understand how frustrating that can be and you deserve better! If your home currently heats water using electricity, you may want to consider a new electric water heater. They come in tank style and tankless and use a heating element to heat water.

How Do Electric Water Heaters Work?

In electric water heaters, cold water enters the unit where rods inside then heat the water. A thermostat regulates the water temperature. When water is needed by an appliance, hot water is pumped through the home. There are three types of electric water heaters:

  • Standard Tank: these are the conventional tank water heaters that most homes have. They range in size from about 20 gallons to 80 gallons.
  • High-Efficiency Tank: these units are like standard tanks but have better insulation. They can save you about $10-$15 a year in electricity.
  • Hybrid Heat Pump: this water heater is relatively new. It is a tank-type heater that has an electric heat pump mounted on the storage tank. The pump uses heat from the room and transfers it to cold water. These units use 60% less energy than conventional water heaters.

When trying to decide which type of water heater you need, you’ll want to consider how much hot water you’ll use then get a water heater that’s slightly larger than that to accommodate. 40-gallon and 50-gallon sized tanks work well for most homes. If you need help, a plumbing contractor at D&F Plumbing, Heating and Cooling will be able to calculate which water heater will work best for you and your family.

Electric Water Heater Repair and Maintenance

Like any appliance, your electric water heater requires occasional maintenance. This maintenance helps ensure it performs at its peak efficiency and helps lengthen its lifespan. Avoiding proper care can result in your hot water heater needing repairs or even a costly replacement. If your electric water heater does need servicing, contact us immediately. You can rest assured we’ll work quickly to diagnose the problem and fix it in no time. Having hot water is important to your comfort and you shouldn’t have to be without hot water. You can rely on us for help anytime because we’re available for any plumbing emergency.

How Much Does an Electric Water Heater Cost?

While electric water heaters cost more initially, they operate at a higher efficiency compared to gas water heaters by as much as 50%. Keep in mind your electric water heating bill may increase as well.

Professional Electric Water Heater Installation Services

Exceptional water heater performance starts with professional installation. If you’re looking to install a new electric water heater in your home, D&F is here for you. You can rely on us to help you determine which type of unit is best for your needs and your budget, then we’ll professionally install it for you. Don’t run out of hot water, contact D&F Plumbing, Heating and Cooling today for your next hot water heater installation!