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Man inspecting underneath sink. D and F Plumbing serving Portland OR and Vancouver WA talks about the importance of a plumbing inspection for new homeowners.

Plumbing Inspection Guide for New Homeowners

Are you in the market for a new home in the Portland metro area? You may want to consider having a plumbing inspection performed. Plumbing inspections aren’t required in most
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Traditional water heater next to electric water heater. D&F Plumbing talks about upgrading a 40-year-old water heater with instant results!

A 40-Year-Old Water Heater Upgrade With Instant Results!

Steven, a new D&F Plumbing customer, wanted to upgrade his outdated 40-year-old water heater for his growing family while still providing energy efficiency. But it came with challenges. Steven wanted
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Frozen outdoor pipe. D & F talks about winter plumbing tips to help prevent a pipe from rupturing in Portland OR and Vancouver WA.

Winter Plumbing Tips

Temperatures are already starting to drop here in the Pacific Northwest and once the temperature dips below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, your pipes run the risk of rupturing. Help prevent a
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Motivated By Money: The Millennial Passion For Plumbing

Meet a millennial in the skilled trades and our youngest plumber in the field as he discusses the benefits of a career in construction. Ask any high school senior where
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Pipe with roots inside. D & F Plumbing talks about the plants and trees in the Pacific Northwest that can damage plumbing.

Pacific Northwest Trees and Plants That Cause Plumbing Problems

Trees, shrubs, and fruit orchards are what make The Pacific Northwest The Pacific Northwest! But all of that beautiful greenery can come with a downside. It can be putting your
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Closing The Skilled Trades Gap With Women

The Key To Solving The Skilled Trades Labor Shortage As the baby boomers head into their golden years, the labor force suffers from a lack of skilled workers. By 2030,
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D & F Plumbing reveals plumbing concerns older homes in Portland OR and Vancouver WA could have.

Plumbing Concerns for Your Older Home

Older homes are definitely sought after for their character and charm, however maintaining them can come with challenges, especially when it comes to the home’s plumbing. In this article, we
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D & F Plumbing provides sewer line repair services in Portland OR and Vancouver WA.

Warnings There is a Problem With Your Main Sewer Line

Unless you’ve had sewer problems before, chances are you’ve given little thought to your main sewer line lately. This line runs from your house to the city sewer, and carries
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Common Reasons for Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure can be frustrating, especially when it happens slowly over time. If you’ve been noticing that your water flow is slower than it used to be, or if
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