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How to Install a Nest Thermostat in your Portland Home [Hassle-Free Guide]

Ready to tap into the magic of smart home living? Swapping out your old thermostat for a shiny new Google Nest Learning Thermostat can transform your home’s HVAC system! It’s
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Washington State Wildfire burning forest

How 2023 Washington Wildfires and Air Quality Impact Your Health

Washington State has seen an increase in devastating wildfires in recent years, scorching vast areas and blanketing the region in smoke. If you’re a homeowner in the greater Vancouver, WA
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Today's Wildfire Danger Sign

2023 Oregon Wildfires and Your Health: Indoor Air Quality Tips

Oregon has experienced an increase in destructive wildfires in recent years, burning millions of acres and spreading smoke throughout the state. And with a hot, dry season on the horizon,
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this old air conditioner shows signs of needing to be replaced

Signs Your AC Needs Replacement

With certain things it’s easy to know when it’s time for a replacement. For example, the bristles on your toothbrush get scraggly or your brake pads start making a high-pitched
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Summer is a Marathon, Not a Sprint: Get Your AC Ready for Warm Weather

Imagine being signed up for a marathon. The date is fast approaching and there’s little doubt in your mind that you’re going to run. Unfortunately, there is a problem. You’ve
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a plumbing pipe inundated with tree roots that needs replacement

Treacherous Trees: How Tree Roots Affect Your Sewer Line

Here in the Pacific Northwest, we like to think of trees as our friends and neighbors. After all, like a dear friend, they’re always there for you, and they give
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Water leaking on foundation slab in basement

Signs of an Underground Water Leak

Do you have creaking and gurgling noises coming from your basement? No, this isn’t the plot of a horror movie (although it may feel like it). This could actually be
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blue pipe leaking water

Leaking Pipes: What to Avoid

Every day your pipes work to move waste out and transfer clean water in. The average home’s plumbing system works well enough that, at its very best, you hardly notice
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Gas meter outside home covered in snow

How to Reduce Your Winter Heating Costs

Winter is here and the cold weather means it’s time to crank up your furnace and water heater – but that can mean skyrocketing utility bills. With already tight budgets
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