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Up close look at the inside of a toilet. D & F Plumbing, serving Portland OR & Vancouver WA talks about how to fix a running toilet.

How to Fix a Running Toilet

Is your toilet running? Better catch it! Ba dum tss! Okay, okay, now that we’ve got that dad joke out of our system, it’s time to talk about running toilets.
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Person putting food down kitchen drain. D & F Plumbing serving Portland OR & Vancouver WA talks about how long garbage disposals last.

How Long do Garbage Disposals Last?

Garbage disposals are a luxury or an essential kitchen appliance, depending on who you ask. They help get rid of waste and keep your plumbing system clear of clogs. However,
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Frozen outdoor pipe. D & F talks about winter plumbing tips to help prevent a pipe from rupturing in Portland OR and Vancouver WA.

Winter Plumbing Tips

Frozen pipes and burst pipes are expensive and stressful to deal with. During cold temperatures, burst pipes are one of the most common causes of property damage, estimating about $5,000
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Downspout and flooded lawn. D & F Plumbing in Portland OR & Vancouver WA talks about how to drain water from your yard.

How to Drain Water From Your Yard

While a gentle, steady rain can be great for your trees, plants, and yard, a sudden downpour can do just the opposite. Flooded lawns can ruin your yard, cause odors,
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bricks, flushable wipes, and greasy pan flushing down the toilet. D & F Plumbing serving Portland OR & Vancouver WA debunks the top plumbing myths.

Top Plumbing Myths

We hate to burst your bubble, but here are some plumbing myths you need to stop believing now! Let’s get right into them! Myth 1: Flushable wipes are safe While
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Garbage disposal unit under sink. D & F Plumbing talks about signs you need your drains cleaned in Portland OR & Vancouver WA

Signs You Need Your Drains Cleaned

You rely on your drains every day to keep your plumbing working properly. But have you thought about the last time you gave them any attention? Don’t wait until you
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Why You Need a Plumber for Your Kitchen Remodel

Are you thinking about adding a farmhouse kitchen sink? Those are all the rage these days. Maybe you’re interested in updating your dishwasher. Whatever the plumbing upgrade, the question is:
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Is Your Disinfectant Harming Your Septic System?

With the current health concerns related to COVID-19, you may be doing a ton of hand-washing and disinfecting. Goodbye manicure, hello dry, cracked hands, am I right?! Besides making your
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Red and blue PEX plumbing. D & F Plumbing provides plumbing repiping services in Portland OR and Vancouver WA.

Why are PEX Pipes Better?

Stinky smells, creaky sounds, and rust-colored water—it sounds like a haunted house, but no, that’s your home saying it needs a repiping. You see, pipes rust and deteriorate over time,
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