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5 common winter plumbing issues in Vancouver WA and Portland OR - D&F Plumbing Services

5 Common Winter Plumbing Issues

Once you’ve got your fuzzy socks and a warm mug of cocoa, you’re all ready for winter – right? Well, though these things are definitely essentials, you might be missing
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Learn how to avoid frozen pipes with the D&F Plumbing experts in Vancouver WA!

Oh Snap! Don’t Let a Frozen Pipe Ruin Your Winter

A frozen or burst pipe can really throw a wrench in your winter plans. The last thing you want is to be patching leaks over the holidays or redirecting a
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Clogged gutter overflowing with rainwater - D & F Plumbing, serving Portland OR & Vancouver WA talks about the 5 common fall plumbing issues homeowners may experience.

5 Common Fall Plumbing Issues

Leaves are changing colors, pumpkin spice is everywhere, and Halloween is right around the corner. It’s definitely fall. What do you love most about this season? Here at D and
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Frozen pipes in Vancouver WA - D & F Plumbing

Why Winterizing Your Plumbing is Important

Leaves are turning yellow, the air is getting crisp, and thoughts of holiday festivities fill your mind. While your children are dreaming of gingerbread cookies and a visit from Santa,
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Flooded basement-D & F Plumbing, serving Portland OR & Vancouver WA explains why your basement may be flooding.

Why is My Basement Flooding?

It’s been months since you’ve been in your basement. But after watching hours upon hours of HGTV, you’re finally feeling inspired to get down there and organize it once and
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D&F tankless heater

Tankless Water Heaters – Should You Upgrade?

Tankless Water Heaters – Should You Upgrade? Do you know why plumbers hate installing tankless water heaters? Because it’s a tankless job! Ba dum tss! In all seriousness, we love
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Brightly Lit Waterfall and Pond. D & F Plumbing in Portland OR and Vancouver WA offers tips for adding a backyard water feature to your property.

Tips for Adding a Backyard Water Feature

Do you need a little spice added to your backyard? Is it bland and needs a little seasoning? Well, look no further because we have the perfect idea for you
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Main line vs drain line infographic explained by D & F Plumbing in Vancouver WA and Portland OR.

What’s the Difference Between Main Line vs Drain Line?

  Unless you’re a plumber, it’s easy to confuse main lines and drain lines. Plumbers get these questions all of the time so we thought we’d finally settle this. Keep
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Hard water on faucet. D & F Plumbing, serving Portland OR & Vancouver WA explains the 7 warning signs of hard water and if you need a water softener.

Do You Need A Water Softener? 7 Warning Signs of Hard Water

Has your skin been dry and itchy? No, this isn’t an ad for a lotion…but it could help! Your flaky skin could be because of your water. The type of
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