Inside of clean modern bathroom. D&F Plumbing, Heating and Cooling provides quality bathroom drain cleaning in Portland OR and Vancouver WA.

Bathroom Drain Cleaning

Toilets and bathtubs are something homeowners rarely think about until something goes wrong and you’re standing in a pool of murky water. Clogged toilets and showers are not only an inconvenience, but they can also cause a significant amount of stress.

When blockages happen in your home, D&F Plumbing, Heating and Cooling is here for you. For nearly a century, we’ve provided expert bathroom drain cleaning services in the Portland, OR, and Vancouver, WA area. Whether it’s hair clogs in your shower or a backed-up toilet, The Plaid Pros can unclog any drain!

Signs of a Clogged Toilet

Toilet clogs are one of the most frequently clogged drains in the home. If your toilet is clogged or is on the verge of clogging, you may experience the following.

  • Water rising
  • Slow draining or failure to drain
  • Gurgling sounds or bubbles
  • Overflowing water

Clogged toilets need to be cleared carefully to avoid a major disaster from occurring. At D&F Plumbing, Heating and Cooling, we have the tools and experience necessary to effectively and safely clear any type of clog, including toilet clogs.

How to Prevent a Toilet Clog

The best way to avoid a serious clog is to stop things from flowing down the bathroom drains. Here are just a few of our favorite recommendations:

  • Install hair strainers in your shower and bathtub drains
  • Don’t flush tissues, feminine hygiene products, or wipes down the toilet
  • Keep small children away from toilets, as they can flush down small objects
  • Don’t use chemical drain cleaners to fix troublesome clogs, as they can make the clog worse or damage your pipes

How Do I Know My Shower Drain Is Clogged

If you have a clogged shower drain, you may experience the following:

  • Poor drainage
  • Dirty water
  • Water is backing up
  • Unpleasant odor coming from the drain
  • Drain makes a gurgling sound

If you’re noticing any of the signs, it’s important that you address them immediately. Failure to clear a drain clog can lead to bigger problems. Clogs can develop deeper into your plumbing system and cause a pipe to burst, which is why it’s important to get your clogged bathroom drains serviced as early as possible.

What Causes Drain Blockages

Drain blockages are typically caused by the following:

  • Built-up soap scum
  • Excess dirt and hair
  • Hard water
  • Dead skin cells
  • Foreign objects (toys, diapers, feminine products)
  • Flushable wipes
  • Excess toilet paper

If you’re experiencing a serious bathroom clog, we always recommend calling a professional plumber. If you need emergency plumbing services, you can always call The Plaid Pros! We provide quick and reliable plumbing services, and we’ll have your clog cleared in no time!

Why Call Professional Bathroom Drain Cleaners?

Tired of battling bathroom sink blockages that seem more stubborn than the rain in the Pacific Northwest? Calling in our professional bathroom drain cleaners is like dialing the superheroes of unclogging – we arrived armed with a drain snake and other tools of the trade to rescue your sink drain from the clutches of hair clogs and soap scum. Forget about wasting hours of your life wrestling with that drain stopper or risking a DIY disaster. Let our experts handle it so you can focus your precious time on more important matters.

If There’s a Blockage in Your Shower Drain, Stay Far Away From Harsh Chemicals

Now, about those chemical drain cleaners – using them is like setting up your plumbing’s demise. Those harsh chemicals might claim to break down stubborn clogs, but they’re also taking a toll on your drain system, septic systems, and the environment faster than a tree loses its leaves in autumn.

Plus, do you really want your bathroom to smell like a stinky drain science experiment gone wrong? Save yourself the trouble and opt for the natural duo of vinegar and baking soda instead if you need to desperately get rid of a clog; your bathroom sink will thank you.

How to Keep Bathroom Sink Drains Clean

Wondering how to keep your bathroom sink clean without having to deal with the drama of clogged drains? Mix equal parts vinegar and baking soda, pour it down the drain, and let it party in your pipes overnight. The next morning, give it a hot water chaser, and voila – a squeaky clean bathroom sink drain. 

However, while using hot water is a good way to wash down the vinegar and baking soda concoction, be careful not to use boiling water. Depending on the material of your sink or drain, scalding temperatures can end up causing more harm than good. So, when you go to clean bathroom sink drains, always remember to use hot water instead of boiling – you’re not cooking spaghetti!

To lower the chances of future clogs, avoid washing grease traps down the sink and toss that kitchen sink mentality out the window – your bathroom sink is not a catch-all. If your drain is prone to clogs, try using a drain guard to catch hair and soap scum. That way, you can keep things moving smoothly – no drama, just clean bathroom sinks and happy drains.

Our Bathroom Drain Cleaning Services Are Available Across the Pacific Northwest

  • Portland, OR
  • Washington County, OR
  • Columbia County, OR
  • Clackamas County, OR
  • Multnomah County, OR
  • Hillsboro, OR
  • Beaverton, OR
  • Tigard, OR
  • St. Helens, OR
  • Oregon City, OR
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  • Vancouver, WA
  • Camas, WA
  • Battle Ground, WA

We’re Experts in Bathroom Drain Cleaning

No matter how many steps you take to prevent bathroom drain clogs, sometimes a slow-moving drain is unavoidable. It’s important to call a professional plumber who can safely and effectively fix the issue as soon as you notice draining problems so you can avoid a major plumbing problem.

At D&F Plumbing, Heating and Cooling, we know how important it is to have properly working drains in your bathroom. Contact us for expert bathroom drain cleaning services – we also provide emergency drain cleaning and plumbing services!