Air Conditioning Repair

an air conditioner for a portland home that's in the process of being repaired

Is there a silver lining to having a broken air conditioner during the Portland summer? Absolutely! It makes it easier to pretend you live in the Amazon jungle. Sound good? Many people pay top dollar to experience this adventurous excursion, but Portlanders with broken A/C systems get it for free. Still no? Well, if an unplanned trip to the world’s largest rainforest and its sweltering heat and humidity (and piranhas) doesn’t appeal to you, it may be time for expert air conditioning repair services.  The choice is yours – would you rather spend this summer in the Amazon jungle, or in a comfortable, climate-controlled, piranha-free property? If it’s the latter, call the air conditioning repair team at D&F Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling today.

Signs of a Busted A/C Unit

A “broken” air conditioner doesn’t always mean that the system is completely broken – as in, it won’t turn on or it’s blowing warm air. Often, a broken A/C can have smaller issues that an experienced cooling technician can detect and fix before they become larger issues.  When you turn on your air conditioner, it should cool the entire area it’s designed to cool. If you have central A/C, that means it should cool your entire home or business property. If your A/C fails to cool any part of the property, it may be in need of repairs. Some of the key signs you should get your air conditioner checked for repairs include:

  • No air or hot air is coming from the vents
  • Your AC is noisier than usual, or sounds like an iPhone in a blender
  • The smell from your air conditioner is unusual or musty
  • Your electricity bill suddenly skyrockets

How Long Should an Air Conditioner Last?

The life expectancy of an air conditioner can vary quite a bit. Some peoples’ air conditioners run reliably for up to 20 years — but we also see air conditioners that are only 10 years old that need major repairs. Your AC’s lifespan depends on a handful of factors:

To Repair or Not to Repair… That Is the Question

When an older AC needs significant repairs, you may start weighing the pros and cons of paying for those repairs versus replacing it with a newer, more energy efficient unit. This is when you want to be sure you’re working with a company you can trust to give you an honest, accurate assessment. D&F has been serving Portland since 1927 – and we wouldn’t have made it this long if our customers didn’t trust us to make the best possible recommendations. So if we think there’s a lot of life left in your ten-year-old air conditioner, we’ll let you know. If a new air conditioner is a better investment for you, then that’s what we’ll recommend.  Our friendly air conditioning repair team is here to give you all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Our Very Cool HVAC Technicians Have Your Back

We promise expert diagnostics, honest recommendations, and repairs that solve the problem completely. At D&F Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling, our sacred promise to you is that we will never ask you if your air conditioner is running, and if you say yes, tell you “Well you’d better go and catch it.” Get in touch with us today for these common air conditioning repair problems, and much more:

  • Short-cycling
  • Leaky compressor or ventilation system that leads to low refrigerant
  • Defective thermostat readings
  • Clogged or damaged vent or air filter housing
  • Damage to the AC condenser or excessive dirt or debris