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Outdoor Drain Cleaning - Storm Drain Cleaning in Portland OR and Vancouver WA by D&F PlumbingIf you are running into drainage problems, it is most likely time to think about outdoor drain cleaning before the problem leads to something worse.  Many of us never think about the condition of our drains until there is a problem. Unfortunately, drainage issues are extremely common and often require the assistance of a licensed plumbing contractor to resolve. Your exterior drains are extremely valuable and are responsible for providing an important preventative service for your business or residential property.  Outdoor drains collect water runoff and direct it away from the home thus preventing water damage.  Your outdoor drainage systems should be designed for optimal functionality in terms of what best protects your property and landscaping.

Storm Drain Cleaning: Storm drains prevent flooding, standing water, and damage to the asphalt. Clogged storm drains can result in significant flooding during heavy storms, leaving the business liable for damages. Regular storm drain cleaning can prevent these problems. Rainwaters often run off and collect trash and other debris that will eventually obstruct the functionality of the drain system. If neglected these drains will not be able to perform their duty correctly. When a severe storm hits the rainwater intended to go down the drain instead backs up and can lead to serious problems like flooding.

Gutter and Downspout Drain Cleaning: Gutters and downspout drains can become clogged very quickly if not maintained. Leaves and other debris can create blockages that can lead to flooding during heavy rainfall.  Your gutters redirect rainwater in such a way that doesn’t cause an extreme quantity of it to stream over a single area of your property. If they do not do this then you are going to end up with a damaged yard. This can lead to soil erosion, damaged yard, and even damage to the plants you have in your backyard.  Seasonal Gutter and downspout drain cleaning will prevent these issues from taking place.

French Drain Cleaning: Typically used in areas where conventional drains would be difficult to maintain, french drains are a great option for landscape drainage. A french drain is installed in the lowest-lying area of your lawn to make sure that water is not able to pool up. The drainage system prevents water from flowing back toward your home’s basement or foundation. While french drains are less prone to clogging than conventional drain systems, french drain cleaning is important to prevent water back-up and potential clog-forming situations that can lead to more serious structural damage

Catch Basin Drain Cleaning: Catch basin drains are installed underneath the steel grates that line curbs, streets, and sidewalks. Catch basin drain cleaning is recommended fairly frequently because they catch fallen leaves, food wrappers, and other debris.  Catch basins help maintain proper drainage and catch debris, which helps prevent pipes downstream from becoming clogged. Water and solids enter through the grate. Solids will settle to the bottom while water drains out of the pipe. This pipe typically connects to the larger plumbing system and directs the water to a sewage plant or stream.

Patio and Deck Drain Cleaning: These drains are used around pools and on decks, to drain water from the surface. As well as draining your patio, the system has to take the drained water and remove it from your property.  The water is funneled into a pipe, which keeps water away from a house or other structure.  Patio and deck cleaning and maintenance will keep your outdoor living area a pleasurable place to enjoy.  If your patio or deck drains are clogged, heavy rainwater can cause pools of water ruining activities, damaging your home’s foundation, and getting into your basement or crawlspace.

Walkway and Driveway Drain Cleaning: Outdoor drains are placed along the sides of walkways or driveways and are used to keep water away from buildings and off of the asphalt, they are also referred to as trench drains.  Standing water can cause surfaces to become slick and dangerous. Walkway and driveway drain cleaning will improve longevity and make the surface safe for people to walk on.  Some trench drains have easily removable grates, so leaves and other debris can be cleaned out regularly by hand. Others require more extensive care, especially when the blockage is further in, inside the pipes.

Area Drain Cleaning: This type of drain can be placed throughout your landscape. They allow any excess water in your landscaping or property to drain without causing flooding.  Area drain cleaning needs to take place periodically.  An area drain is a system that allows any water to remove from the front, back or side yard to the street.  If this system fails for any reason, it can possibly flood not only the yard but also it can elevate to the inside of the house.

Parking Lot Drain Cleaning: When water collects on the surface of your asphalt, it not only creates problems for cars and pedestrians but also can actually damage your asphalt surface. If you see pooling water or water running down the middle of your parking lot, it’s time to have your parking lot drains cleaned.  If your parking lot is having drainage issues, oftentimes you’ll see sand, rocks or what looks like a dusty residue in low spots across your paved surface.

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Clogged Storm Drain Cleaning in Vancouver WA and Portland ORWe specialize in outdoor drain cleaning. By using industrial strength vacuums and a high-pressure water system, we can effectively and efficiently clean drains so that they don’t become too full. We recommend cleaning exterior drains when they start to get about half-full, so that the system doesn’t overflow during heavy rains. If you require outdoor drain cleaning, contact D & F Plumbing today! You can rely on us to complete your drain cleaning and maintenance promptly and professionally. Don’t wait for problems to develop in your exterior drains. Contact our drain cleaning contractors today! 

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