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Drain Snaking

What did the drain snake say to the clog? “Hissss is the end of the line for you!”

Drain snakes are a plumber’s best friend. And, no, they aren’t slithering reptiles that live in your pipes! They are actually a useful tool that can be used to remove blockages from your drain lines. Not only are drain snakes simple and easy to use, but they can also be a relatively inexpensive way to treat clogs quickly.

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What Are Drain Snakes?

Also called plumbing snakes, drain snakes are a great tool for removing built-up debris from your pipes. These devices look like long and thin cables with small barbed or spiraled heads. The long cable is flexible and allows the snake to be inserted into your drain lines, while the barbed head helps cut through or remove blockages.

Drain snakes aren’t just for plumbers, either; these useful tools are sold at most department stores, and they are often fairly inexpensive. Thanks to their simplicity, they are a great first defense against clogged drains.

When You Should Use a Drain Snake

Simple Clogs

When faced with a stubborn clog, embrace the superhero of plumbing—the drain snake. It’s capable of conquering hair traps, soap scum, and who-knows-what-else lurking in your shower drain or sink. Armed with a corkscrew end and an auger head, the plumbing snake is the caped crusader of the pipes, effortlessly navigating the twists and turns of your drain pipe. So, when your drain is slower than the morning coffee line, a drain snake can serve as a reliable solution.

When Other Methods Don’t Work

When DIY drain cleaning methods fail to vanquish the villainous clog, don’t hesitate to unleash the mighty drain snake. Unlike those drain cleaning chemicals that claim to dissolve everything but the kitchen sink (which, by the way, they probably shouldn’t), a plumbing snake works wonders when other solutions fall short. 

It’s the MacGyver of the plumbing world, a versatile tool that can tackle the most cunning clogs in your bathtub drain or toilet bowl. When your plunger throws in the towel, and the auger cable becomes your last hope, fear not— the drain snake is here to bravely navigate the murky depths of your plumbing.

Tackling Scale Buildup

Your drains are like the coffee shops in Portland — a steady stream of activity that’s occasionally interrupted by a stubborn mess. That’s where the drain snake shines, especially when dealing with the sneaky culprit known as scale buildup.

A plumbing snake can fearlessly work its way through pipe obstructions, leaving your drains as clear as a blue sky over Mount Hood. So, if your sink drain or bathtub drain is experiencing a slow flow reminiscent of the local traffic, bring out the drain snake and let it conquer the scale buildup with finesse.

When to Get Your Drain Snaked by a Professional Plumber

Drain snakes are very intuitive, easy to use, and can also be incredibly effective against blockages made from debris such as hair, dirt, and soap scum. However, these brilliant tools are not designed to take on every type of blockage. Here are some signs that it’s time to ditch the drain snake and call a plumber:

  • The drain is still clogged. Drain snakes are great, but they are not equipped to handle every clog. If you’ve tried snaking your drain and still aren’t seeing results, it may be time to call in a professional.
  • Water is gurgling up your pipes. There’s nothing worse than watching the water slowly spill out of your drains and onto the floor! Water gurgling up your pipes is a serious issue that could be a sign that your main sewer line is clogged, which is a problem that goes beyond the power of drain snakes. If you are dealing with backflow problems, it’s best to get a plumber on the job ASAP.
  • Several fixtures are clogged at the same time. If your plumbing problems extend beyond one drain, you could be facing a bigger problem than a small blockage. House-wide clogs or slow draining could be a sign that it’s time to call a plumber.

When it Comes to Drain Snaking, It’s Best to Call a Pro

Before you embark on a solo mission to snake your own drain, consider the wisdom of calling in a professional plumber from our team. They’re the wizards of the plumbing realm, armed not only with a drain snake but also with the knowledge and experience to wield it masterfully.

With safety goggles on and a closet auger in hand, a professional plumber can navigate the treacherous terrain of your sewer line and ensure that the snaking process is a success. So, when it comes to drain-snaking toilets and pipes, leave it to The Plaid Pros. We’ll handle the pesky clogs while you relax, knowing your plumbing is in the hands of the true masters of the craft.

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