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Commercial Concrete Slab Leak Repair in Portland OR by D & F Plumbing If your property has a concrete slab foundation, your plumbing pipes are placed a little differently than those of a building with a basement–your pipes run underneath the concrete slab foundation!

This is convenient for a number of reasons, including construction efficiency, stability in warm climates, and affordability. But they have one major drawback: if the pipes and water lines beneath your slab leak, you might be in for a huge repair. D & F Plumbing has years of experience with concrete slab leak repair, and we’re here to help!

Signs You Need Concrete Slab Leak Repair

These are solid indications that you have a pipe problem somewhere; whether the leak is on top of your slab or underneath it will need to be determined by a professional.

  • Damp Flooring – If you don’t have another visible leak, it’s time to check the slab!
  • Mold – If you have mold in your flooring or on your walls, and no other visible leaks, you might have a slab leak.
  • Yard Flooding – If the pipes have cracked underneath you slab, the water has to go somewhere–and it might be your yard!
  • Foundation Cracks – When slabs crack because of shifting ground underneath, the foundation will sometimes develop cracks as well.
  • Increase in Water Bill – If you’re losing water from a cracked pipe, your utility bill can reflect the extra flow.
  • Decrease in Water Pressure – Slow faucets? You might have a slab leak!
  • Hot Spots on Floor –
    If a hot water pipe has cracked, the warmth from the water will start to affect your flooring.
  • Sound of Running Water –
    All the taps are off, but you still hear water running! You might have a burst pipe, either over or under your slab.

What Causes a Concrete Slab Leak?

  • Ground Shift: the ground beneath your slab can move slowly over time, warping the slab or pushing pipes in ways they aren’t meant to flex.
  • Faulty Wrapping: when pipes are installed underneath the slab, they need to be wrapped properly. If they aren’t, the pipes will rub against the concrete, eventually eroding and leaking.
  • Installation Mistakes: during installation, pipes need to be handled carefully. Any nicks or bends become weak points that will eventually leak.
  • Chemical Erosion: when minerals and chemicals in water interact with copper pipes, small chemical reactions (corrosion) can occur. This natural process will eventually weaken your pipes, and it is almost impossible to avoid.

Why Do I Need Immediate Concrete Slab Plumbing Repair?

There are two main reasons to repair your concrete slab immediately:

  1. Damage Prevention: All leaks should be taken care of as quickly as possible, but concrete slab leaks are especially crucial for these reasons:
    • Damage to flooring within the building.
    • Flood damage to belongings and items within the building.
    • Soil movement, which causes buckling underneath the building, which can cause extensive foundation damage.
  2. Insurance Coverage: Depending on your property insurance, you may be able to get some, if not all, of the concrete slab repair costs covered–but only if you report the damage immediately to the insurance company, and have it repaired as soon as possible.
    • Insurance companies typically cover repairs that are “sudden and accidental”, but they’re not interested in damage that’s caused by neglect.
    • They also don’t typically cover the cost of repairing the pipes themselves–only the slab damage.

How We Repair a Concrete Slab Leak

Concrete slab leak repair really depends on the extent of the pipe damage, but it doesn’t necessarily mean we have to dig up your slab to replace all the pipes! D & F Plumbing can provide a variety of cutting-edge plumbing techniques to fix your leak, including a method of re-lining your pipe without making a single hole in your slab. If you get a slab leak looked at right away before it gets any bigger, we might be able to save you time and money!

Professional Plumbing for Concrete Slab Leak Repair

D & F Plumbing believes in diagnosing the problem before we do any repairs. We’ll inspect your building’s plumbing system and pipes, looking for leaks, clogs, and possible issues along the system. If you suspect you have a concrete slab leak, call D & F today!

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