D&F Plumbing, Heating and Cooling History

D&F Plumbing, Heating and Cooling History: Plumbers in Portland and Beaverton OR

A Long History of Solving Plumbing Mysteries

Few companies have the chance to celebrate 97 years of family-owned service. Stroll through D&F’s office or explore the warehouse racks and you’ll discover artifacts from their history; 1930s pipe wrenches, tool boxes from the 50s, and black and white photos that date back to the opening.

The business started in 1927 as Christie Radford Plumbing, with a handful of employees. Don Thompson and Frank Schofield bought the established company in 1946, changing the name to D&F Plumbing. They’d grown to around 6 trucks. Fast-forward another 7 decades. D&F now has over 50 employees and 40 trucks on the road.

D&F’s name and expertise are in demand by the locals. The team primarily serves homeowners and business owners around Portland and Vancouver. But they also travel to new construction and commercial projects as far as Seattle and Long Beach.

D&F Plumbing, Heating and Cooling History: Original Plumbers Locations in Portland and Beaverton OR

Family-Owned Means Legendary Service

Customer service is the driver behind D&F’s long-standing reputation in the Northwest. Since the doors opened, it’s been family-owned and operated. Family-run is more than a title to the owners. It speaks to the company’s values. It means going the extra mile for customers—with approachability, personalized service and reliability.

Adapting to difficult times is the only way to reach local-legend status, and this year has been full of changes. D&F celebrates 9 decades with a bold new look and business improvements that put customers first.

Meeting Modern Needs

Plumbing is a rapidly changing industry. Just 100 years ago, wood pipes were used for water and waste in Portland. The trade has advanced dramatically, and D&F knows they must adapt if they plan to last another century.

With fancy new software, D&F transforms the appointment process and modernizes the customer experience; from dispatch notifications that show your technician’s picture, bio and route, to organizing your estimates, project photos and payments on iPads.

Customers appreciate the high-tech way D&F makes their experience hassle-free and paperless.

Now Offering Heating and Cooling Service Too

Not satisfied with our status quo as Portland’s most trusted plumbing company, in 2023 D&F branched out to HVAC too. We rebranded the company as D&F Plumbing, Heating and Cooling because it better reflects the complete range of services we offer.

Our heating and cooling technicians handle each and every service call the exact same way we’ve been doing it for plumbing jobs for almost a century. We roll out the red carpet for you each and every time and do more than just fix the problem – we make you feel taken care of. Why? Because that’s the only way we know how and that’s what you deserve. Yes, we can change which services we offer, but we’ll never change the world-class service we offer.