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Small Changes BIG Savings

For those of us who like to conserve water AND save money, but not sure if changing out that old 3.5 gpf toilet would be worth the savings, or that 1980′s kitchen sink faucet is worth changing out here is the information you might be looking for:

National average $ per 1,000 gallons is $6.06 based on a family of 4

If you have an older toilet at 3.5 gpf and changed to a 1.28 gpf at an average of 20 flushes per day, your yearly savings would be $98.21 and 16,206 gallons of water!

If you have a faucet, basin or kitchen, that uses an average of 2.2 gpm and 32.4 gpm and replaced it with a 1.5 gpm faucet your yearly savings would be $50.17 and 8,278 gallons of water!

If you have a shower head that uses 2.5 gpm and replace it with a 1.5 gpm shower head, with an average use of 32.8 minutes per day, your yearly savings would be $72.55 and 11,972 gallons of water!

Your minimum total savings if all 3 were replaced with water saving devices would be $220.93 and 36,456 gallons of water per year.

If you want more information our good friends at American Standard have a wonderfully informative web site at theresponsibilebathroom.com.

All of the most up to date water conservation information you could ask for.
If you want to make those changes, call us!

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Check Your Shut Off Valves!

Spring has sprung! It is time once again for that spring cleaning… don’t forget to check all of your fixture supply lines and shut off valves. It is always a good idea to turn your shut off valves that are under your toilet, sinks, washing machine, laundry tray (if you have one), then turn them back on. Check for any weeping, drips or leaks, make sure the valves turn on and off smoothly. You want the valves to work properly if you have to shut the water off in a hurry or for a simple repair. This is excellent preventative maintenance that most of us do not think about – until it is too late!

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A Plumbing Must Have for Every Household

meter key D & F plumbing plumber portland or beaverton oregonHave you ever had a late night plumbing emergency where you had water running from somewhere?… you could hear it but not see it? Did you run around like crazy in the dark trying to find it so you could stop any water damage before it got too deep? One sure way to stop any more water damage is to turn the water to the house off at the main shut off near the street. Trying to find a wrench, finding the main valve, laying on your belly and reaching down in the dark to find the shut off valve is not fun… Especially in the rain or snow. That is why every home needs to have a “meter key”. This will save you time, worry, and possible extensive water damage. Don’t you deserve some peace of mind? You can get these anywhere plumbing supplies are sold. Do yourself a favor and get one.