A 40-Year-Old Water Heater Upgrade With Instant Results!

Traditional water heater next to electric water heater. D&F Plumbing talks about upgrading a 40-year-old water heater with instant results!Steven, a new D&F Plumbing customer, wanted to upgrade his outdated 40-year-old water heater for his growing family while still providing energy efficiency. But it came with challenges.

  • Steven wanted to upgrade from a 52-gallon tank to an 80-gallon tank which requires more space
  • Hybrid water heaters have a condensation drain pipe so a sink or floor drain must be nearby for water run-off
  • Hybrid water heaters need airflow, so the tank needed to sit 6 inches away from the wall without obstructing walkways or doorways

Fortunately, we at D&F Plumbing are very skilled with water heaters and we strive for customer satisfaction. We provided Steven with several options that worked with his needs and budget, keeping him in control of the project.

Learn which cost-saving solution Steven decided on by clicking the “learn more” button below!

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