Up-Front Pricing

Up-front pricing in Portland and Beaverton OR - D&F Plumbing, Heating and Cooling

After years of tried and tested research, there are developments in our industry that now make it possible to offer you a better choice! D&F Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling has accumulated data from past service calls on the proper time to complete thousands of service tasks. This time is based on a fully-trained and qualified journeyman plumber, arriving at your home for a proper diagnosis.

We employ a dispatch fee of $119.00 to arrive at your home or business. The use of the dispatch fee allows us to keep costs of repairs down. The licensed professional journeyman plumber will give you a firm upfront price for the repair. If further investigation is required, once you give approval of the price for the repair that is the cost you will pay – unless additional unforeseen repairs are required.

This price will include everything, all labor, parts, miscellaneous materials and parts acquisition time, if any. Using this proposed service pricing method there are no longer any big surprises at the end of the job. After all, it is just as discouraging for us as for you when the repair bill grows so large that you might have considered replacing your old equipment before spending so much to fix it. With Up Front Pricing, you can be in control of the service cost every step of the way.

The Old “Time and Materials” Pricing Method

For many years, those in our business have used the “Time and Material” method of pricing service work. Since 1927 we have used this “Time and Material” method with a “minimum” ½ hour charge, anytime over the minimum was charged in ¼ hour increments plus materials. When we are asked to “quote” jobs or “give a bid” over the phone based on client descriptions of the plumbing issues, we cannot diagnose sight unseen plumbing problems, as every situation is different. It is not fair or accurate to you, our clients, or us.

Please let us know if you have questions or concerns regarding Up Front Pricing, or any other areas in which we may be of service. We will continue to bring you the highest level of service, satisfaction and expertise that we have for the last 97 years! We appreciate your business!

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Flexible Financing Options

We understand unexpected expenses, which is why we offer flexible financing options.