What is the Best Toilet Paper for Your Drains?

Toilet paper - D&F Plumbing, Heating and Cooling - Vancouver WA & Portland ORLet’s be totally honest here. Toilet paper (T.P.) is something we all use and need. You only have to look back to the shelter-in-crisis moments as the global pandemic took hold in the spring of 2020. Nearly half of all grocery stores in the United States were out of stock of toilet paper on April 19.

Now that there are plenty of rolls available, you may be wondering what type of T.P. is best when it comes to your drains. Our plumbing experts have some excellent recommendations.

The Disintegration Of Paper To Water

There are all kinds of toilet paper you can buy, but the most important factor to consider is the disintegration of paper to water or the speed it takes to dissolve.

If the T.P. you use in your home is very slow at breaking down, then a potential clog could arise over time as the paper gets stuck in the pipes.

A clogged system in the bathroom is no fun and happens more often than you think. You want to escape, but there’s no place to hide, right?

One-Ply, Two-Ply Or More; Does It Matter?

The “ply” refers to the thickness of each sheet, for example. A single-ply or 1-ply toilet paper is economical and effective for septic systems because it breaks down much faster than a 2-ply or 3-ply toilet paper even when more paper is used.

A 3-ply is known for being a plush and pricey toilet paper, and experts who have researched how toilet paper sheets all dissolve have found that the 3-ply is not a good performer. In fact, when 3-ply sheets are removed from water in a test, they remain fully intact and thick with water.

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A 2-ply sheet of T.P. contains a double layer of paper and is soft and absorbent, but it, too, can cause a clogged septic system in older units or where there’s no flush or low water flow circumstances.

Best Toilet Paper Brands For Your Drains

Of course, the T.P. you prefer is up to you, but here are two high-performing brands:

Scott 1000: This is an amazing 1-ply toilet paper that dissolves faster than the rest and still performs better even if you use more sheets.

Angel Soft: For a 2-ply roll of T.P., this brand is effective at disintegrating quickly and offering a soft texture quality.

Experts in Drains

In conclusion, buy toilet paper that’s not only soothing for your tushy, but that’s also easily dissolvable. And if you ever have trouble with your toilet backing up, and a new toilet paper isn’t the cause, contact D&F Plumbing, Heating and Cooling. We’ve been serving the drain cleaning needs in the Portland and Vancouver area since 1927. Trust us, we know our stuff!

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