Bidet Installation

Toilet bowl with electronic control bidet. D&F Plumbing, Heating and Cooling provides professional bidet installation in Portland OR & Vancouver WA.

Using bidets is the new contemporary alternative to toilet paper. With environmental concerns on the rise there’s no wonder these sanitary toilet fixtures have gotten so popular. Bidets are nozzles that spray water to clean your backside after using the restroom. Because most of us are accustomed to old-fashioned toilet paper, using a bidet may sound awkward at first, but we can promise after you get used to using one you won’t want to go back!

Benefits of Installing a Bidet

  • Eco-friendly: By installing a bidet you’re giving the earth a hug. Statistics show that the United States alone uses around a million rolls of toilet paper annually, which drastically reduces the size of our forests.
  • Cost-effective: Having a bidet not only saves the environment, but also saves your paycheck! Without having to purchase toilet paper in mass quantities, you reduce the amount of cash you have to spend on bathroom necessities.
  • Practical: Practically speaking, owning a bidet has many benefits. It does much better cleaning than a sheet of toilet paper does, the water steam is gentler, and toilet clogs are less likely to happen.

How to Install a Bidet

Installation of a bidet is similar to that of a toilet. You must first decide if you’d prefer a toilet seat bidet, or a hand-held sprayer bidet. Then you must use the shutoff valve to turn off the water in the toilet, and flush it until the tank is empty. Installations of a toilet seat bidet and a hand-held bidet differentiate but are both relatively easy applications. After the tank is empty, it is safe to start hooking up either sprayer. For a dependable bidet installation, it’s safer to reach out to professionals.

Bidet Installation Services

Bidet application can be exciting, but confusing. If you’ve been searching the internet for authentic bidet installations, search no further because D&F Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling has got your back (side). Our Professional plumbers are best picked in bidet installations. Regardless if you require a seat bidet, or a hand-held, our professionals are happy to help!